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Self Defense Classes

This channel is coming soon!

In Street Combat Self Defense class,  Alex guides you to learn and practice techniques and strategies to deal with active threat situations.

The class rotates through threat scenarios (i.e. hand to hand attack, knife attack, etc.) and drills not only the proper technique to respond with, but also the decision process on when to use force.

In today's unpredictable world, where personal safety is a growing concern, learning Street Combat techniques equips you with the skills and confidence necessary to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones when faced with real-life dangers.  We offer a safe, friendly, and supportive environment to learn and practice these skills

July 2023 Schedule

Self Defense classes are currently on hold while Alex is out of town.

Note: Self Defense classes are not included in Adult  Boxing memberships.  Members can drop  in for $25 or use the 5 for  $95 punch card .

Alex Cazzetta is our self defense trainer

About the Instructor

Class is taught by Alex Cazzetta is a fifth-degree black belt in Israeli Krav Maga. His martial arts experience includes competitive fighting knowledge in both Japanese Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu. He has privately provided hand to hand combat training for the British Royal Marines and several recon units worldwide, integrating his martial expertise and real world combat experiences. 

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