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Close Your Tab

We have some great tenants in our building, one of our absolute favorites is the Bottle and Pint. They offer 12 craft beers on tap as well as a large selection of bottled brew. You can often find one of our staff or members kicking back in their taproom enjoying an IPA in our 101 Boxing Pint glasses!

So I went down last Friday night with a group from the club and opened at tab with my ATM card. I didn't use the tab as other generous souls were buying my beer. Eventually I placed an order for chicken fingers and fries. I know, I know, not the healthiest option, but at least one of the members split it with me.

Well, after some time in their establishment I completely forgot that I had a tab open and left the place without retrieving my ATM card or paying my bill. Yikes. I can be very absent minded.

The next day I searched high and low for my ATM card, and was ready to proclaim it irretrievably lost. Suddenly a dim light switched on in the back of my brain illuminating the forgotten memory of the open tab.

I rushed over to the Bottle and Pint and found both my ATM card and the open tab waiting for me! I also saw customers belly up to the bar enjoying a cold one out of our 101 Boxing Club pint glasses. Two shout outs here, one to the Bottle and Pint for supporting us by using our glasses, and the second to my husband Jeff for using his creativity to design them.

Here are some takeaways from my misadventure.

- Drop in to Bottle and Pint 7ish on Fridays and grab a pint with us.

- 101 Boxing Club pint glasses are available for purchase in the club.

- Always remember to close your tab!



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