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Welcome to 101 Boxing Club

Find Your Strength

Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at 101 Boxing Club. We employ experienced trainers who are ready to help our clients have a top notch training experience every time. Join us for a sweat drenched calorie burning workout that will leave you feeling great. Do it for yourself, you deserve it.


Important Changes!

New and Existing Members Please Take Note

To better manage requirements for re-opening businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, 101 Boxing Club is now using an online reservation system.

Please view the brief video for tips on how to log in, register for a class, and select your bag.

COVID-19 Update

Current Operating Plan

On July 13th 2020 the state of California mandated that all fitness clubs must cease indoor operations.


All of 101 Boxing Club's classes will be held outside

You must reserve your bag online with our booking system to attend a class.

You may be charged a $15 late cancellation fee if you are a no show or cancel less than 4 hours before your reserved class.

Mandatory health screening

A staff member will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer and ask you to verbally answer a coronavirus symptom questionnaire upon arrival  or via email prior to the class​.

Masks required

Wear a mask if you need to enter the club for any reason.

Masks are optional only when working out at your assigned heavy bag.


Please wear sunscreen or a hat- All classes are outside

No loaner gear - Bring your own GLOVES AND WRAPS​.

 Bring your own water - Water not available on site.

Documentation on how the club will protect you will be posted in a conspicuous place in the club.  Keeping you safe and healthy is our main concern. Thanks for your patience and support!


About Us

Building stronger community through sport

101 Boxing Club was founded in May 2019 in Newbury Park CA by a former MMA fighter and a Parkinson's Disease fighter. Both owners have a passion for Boxing and MMA, and are very committed to providing members with a positive environment to reach their fitness goals. 101 Boxing Club welcomes individuals of all ages and fitness levels to work out at the club. Don't worry if you don't know how to box, throw a kick or take down an opponent, our staff of expert trainers will teach you proper form and technique.



Get a drenched cardio workout

Challenge your mind and body with one of our boxing classes. Our trainers will teach you the proper technique, and will push you to burn calories and build muscle. Classes include rounds hitting a heavy bag as well as HIIT work. For all fitness levels, from beginner to seasoned fighter, our trainers can modify most moves.

Muay Thai

Take Kickboxing Up a Level

Join us for Muay Thai class, the national martial art of Thailand. Class is taught by an experienced MMA fighter who is trained in the art. Participants are paired with a partner and throw and catch each others punches, knees, elbows and kicks. Grappling drills are also incorporated into the class. All abilities welcome from first timers to seasoned fighters.



Get an Intense Full Body Workout

Throw roundhouse kicks, push kicks, elbows and knees to the heavy bag in this high intensity cardio class. Our classes incorporate striking and HIIT moves to burn calories and build your cardio stamina. Take your cardio fitness, power and flexibility to the next level with our kickboxing class.

Boxing For Parkinson's Disease

Fight Back Against Parkinson's

Studies show that forced intensity exercise, like boxing, helps people with Parkinson's disease delay disease progression. Boxing may also help to reduce some of the debilitating symptoms, like poor balance, that afflict Parkinson's patients. Our Rock Steady Boxing classes include balance, strength and agility drills along with eight rounds of boxing.


Operating Hours

Open 7 Days a Week

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: 9am - 1pm

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